Enterprise Application Integration & Business Process Management

Business and IT organizations are constantly challenged to adapt to an evolving and dynamic enterprise environment. Unless you can synchronize data between applications and systems across departments, divisions, and subsidiaries, you will not realize the savings promised from merged business processes. Delivery Centric has the expertise and experience to help you choose and implement the right Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for your organization.

The Challenge

Companies choose best-in-class business applications to address specific functional challenges. Currently, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications such as Oracle/Siebel and SAP run on disparate platforms and data models. As new enterprise applications are introduced, the integration challenge grows with an increasing need for consistent, reliable information across and often outside the enterprise as well as
throughout the information life cycle. Added applications also increase the potential for system downtime. In attempting to streamline business workflows, many enterprises resort to piecemeal, point-to-point, data- or application-driven integration, using non-standards-based solutions combined with insufficient performance monitoring and an inadequate issue-resolution framework. The consequences are higher total cost of enterprise application ownership and greater barriers to attaining an extensible, efficient, reliable, and scalable EAI platform

The Delivery Centric Solution

Delivery Centric has the expertise and experience to help you choose and implement the right EAI and BPM solutions for your business. A well-designed EAI infrastructure allows you to adapt your organization’s business processes as needed, while optimizing information latency and minimizing cycle times. At the same time, an effective BPM tool provides a user-friendly, graphical interface, which allows non-IT users to easily model business processes. BPM also establishes and measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), facilitating the rapid identification of deviations to increase operational predictability and enable continuous process improvement. You can quickly take corrective action to eliminate process bottlenecks and reallocate resources as needed.

Delivery Centric Services

Strategy definition

  • EAI architecture definition
  • Enterprise process integration needs from people, process, and technology perspectives

Package evaluations & assessments

Turnkey implementations 

  • Program management
  • End-to-end solution implementation

Operational Support

  • Infrastructure service management
  • Solution upgrades
  • Migration

Business application-enabled integration (BAeI) and process-oriented services from leading CRM and ERP vendors

  • Oracle
  • Siebel
  • Peoplesoft

Product Development

  • Shrink-wrapped custom solutions, including adapters
  • Technical frameworks using standards-based products such as web services, .Net, J2EE, and SOA,
    among others