Enterprise Security – Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite

Oracle’s Identity Management offerings are breaking new ground. Like other products in the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack, Oracle has found itself in a unique position of having to integrate a number of enterprise applications it has acquired to present customers with a truly integrated identity management experience. Delivery centric has implemented identity management solutions using a variety of technologies and solutions, placing us in a unique position of having very deep and broad expertise to help customers choose the most cost-effective and sustainable options.

Following are a few of the Oracle Identity Management (IdM) products Delivery Centric supports:

Access Management

  • Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
  • Oracle Access Manager – Identity Federation
  • Oracle Access Manager – Mobile and Social
  • Oracle Security Token Service
  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM)
  • Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite (OESSO)
  • Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
  • Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG)
  • Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)

Directory Services

  • Oracle Identity Directory (OID)
  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
  • Oracle Directory Integration Platform (DIP)
  • Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition  (ODSEE)
  • Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems  (OAS4OS)

Identity Governance

  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
  • Oracle Role Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA)
  • Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OPAM)

Following are a few of the Oracle Identity Management (IdM) services Delivery Centric provides:

Identity Governance

  • User Lifecycle Management
  • Self Service
  • Password Sync
  • Password Management
  • Request & workflow based provisioning
  • Role / Data based provisioning
  • Role Management
  • Identity Analytics
  • Attestation & Compliance / Separation of Duties

Access Management

  • Single Sign-On
    • Desktop
    • Web
  • Federation
  • Web Service Security
  • Strong Authentication
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fine Grained Entitlements
  • Mobile & Social

Directory Services

  • AD / OID / LDAP Synchronization
  • Virtualized LDAP
  • Aggregated LDAP Structuring
  • Windows Native Authentication
  • User Loading and Migration
  • LDAP Storage and Architecture

Delivery Centric can help your organization enhance security, provision users more quickly, and protect resources by developing an effective Identity Management strategy.  We offer top-to-bottom Identity Management implementation and support services, and we will tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

We will work with you to define a proactive strategy by helping you determine which Oracle Identity Management suite components you need, how to configure them, and how best to manage your Identity Management infrastructure. Moreover, we offer you the flexibility to choose from these services:

Advisory Service

Learn more about the Oracle Identity Management suite’s capabilities. Our advisories provide first-hand illustrations of a proposed solution’s benefits by using live demos.

Discovery Analysis

Delivery Centric will help you establish an effective Identity Management strategy by completing the following tasks:

  • Analyze your organization’s current Identity stores and infrastructure
  • Define organizational Identity Management goals
  • Recommend specific Oracle Identity Management components
  • Demonstrate how your solution will function using a vision environment
  • Deliver a plan for implementing a strategic Identity Management solution

Directory Server Integration Services 

Delivery Centric can synchronize Active Directory, Sun One, Novell eDirectory, or OpenLDAP with your Oracle environment, reducing management costs and helping to provide a single sign-on solution for your entire organization.

Solution Design and Implementation

Designing and implementing an Identity Management solution involves deploying new technologies, redefining business processes, and enforcing new security policies. Regardless of your environment’s complexity, our Identity engineers have the technical expertise and project management skills necessary to implement your solution correctly the first time.

Web Service Management and Security

Delivery Centric has developed best practices that provide world-class monitoring and security for your web services. We implement our solutions on top of your existing web services infrastructure without changing code, to avoid disrupting your business operations.

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing Solutions

Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations have made access control and auditing a regular, but costly, part of doing business. Delivery Centric can provide you with one centrally managed interface that serves all of your corporate resources, giving you auditability and accountability you need. We can also design dashboards that instantly provide data on user additions/removals and access privileges.

Simplify Identity Management with Delivery Centric

Identity Management will become more complex as technology advances and its strategic value to business grows. Delivery Centric can simplify this challenge so that you can focus on your core business. The keys to our success are our experience, our standardized methodology, our familiarity with the Oracle Identity Management suite and our expertise, which spans the entire technology stack.

Learn more about how we can help you simplify the management of your IT access infrastructure.