Oracle Access Management

Oracle Access Manager (also referred to as Access Manager) is the foundation of the new Oracle Access Management platform. Access Manager provides the core functionality of Web Single Sign On(SSO), authentication, authorization, centralized policy administration and agent management, real-time session management and auditing. Built as a 100% Java solution, Access Manager is extremely scalable to handle Internet scale deployments and works with existing heterogeneous environments in the enterprise with agents certified on hundreds of web servers and application servers. Access Manager provides rich functionality, extreme scalability and high availability thereby increasing security, improving user experience and productivity and enhancing compliance while reducing total cost of ownership.

Key Features of Access Manager include:

  • Simplified Web Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Centralized Policy Administration
  • Advanced Session Management
  • Streamlined Agent Management
  • Native Password Management
  • Windows Native Authentication
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Logging

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Web Access Management, Web Single Sign-On, Identity Propagation, and Federation

    Provides centralized, policy-based authentication and single sign-on for Web applications, Web services, and data and cloud services
    Delivers seamless single sign-on to enterprise resources from any device including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
    Enables on-boarding of partners and service providers faster using industry security standards
    Provides standards-based secure propagation of identity across applications and Web services

  • Mobile and Social Sign-On

    • Delivers seamless single sign-on across native and Web applications on mobile devices
    • Enables low-value enterprise and consumer-facing applications to consume identities from social networks and other third-party identity providers using popular user-centric identity standards
  • Real-time External Authorization

    • Provides real-time external authorization for applications, middleware, and databases with enterprise-class scalability and granular security
    • Provides interoperability with a wide spectrum of modern industry authorization standards (XACML, RBAC, ABAC) for enhanced security, greater choice and flexibility
    • Delivers out-of-the-box integration with a variety of native, custom, and third-party applications, application servers, data persistence frameworks, directory servers, portals and content management systems, and XML gateways
  • Adaptive Access and Fraud Detection

    • Provides a unique combination of knowledge-based authentication with registration, answer, and fuzzy logic for the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite
    • Enables you to add sophisticated security to basic authentication flows in a few easy steps
    • Delivers real-time fraud detection and proactively prevents fraud