Oracle Directory Services

Oracle Directory Services Plus provides identity virtualization, storage, and synchronization services for high-performance enterprise and carrier-grade environments. It is the only integrated solution that provides a complete set of directory capabilities. Oracle Directory Services Plus is a single package that includes:

  • Oracle Unified Directory together with Oracle Virtual Directory and Directory Integration Platform is a complete solution. While unifying the approach, it provides all the services required for high performance Enterprise and carrier-grade environments.
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (formerly Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition), a highly scalable and reliable directory server ideal for heterogeneous environments
  • Oracle Internet Directory, a highly scalable and reliable directory built upon Oracle Database and ideal for Oracle environments
  • Oracle Virtual Directory, the market-leading solution for unifying identity data from multiple datasources in real time without copying or synchronizing

Oracle Unified Directory

Oracle Unified Directory is an all-in-one directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities.
While unifying the approach, it provides all the services required for high-performance Enterprise and carrier-grade environments. Oracle Unified Directory ensures scalability to billions of entries, ease of installation, elastic deployments, enterprise manageability and effective monitoring.

New features with OUD 11gR2:

  • Location based search for social networking applications
  • Support of Oracle database enterprise user security (EUS)
  • Out of the box JVM tuning
  • Compatible with Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition with replication between ODSEE and OUD for coexistence or transition to OUD
  • Ability to move systems between Test and Production environments
  • Identity store for Oracle’s IDM products
  • Oracle Optimized Solutions for Oracle Unified Directory (OOS4OUD) delivering 3x performance with 1/3 of the cost 

Oracle Unified Directory is part of Oracle Directory Services Plus which provides comprehensive Directory Solutions for robust identity management deployments

Oracle Internet Directory
is a LDAP v3 compliant directory with meta-directory capabilities. It is built on the industry leading Oracle database and is fully integrated into Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications. Thus, it is ideally suited for Oracle environments or enterprises with Oracle database expertise. Similar to ODSEE, OID is also proven with large deployments in carrier and enterprise environments.

Oracle Virtual Directory

Creating a secure application environment requires integration of existing user identity information. For some companies, that information is contained in databases. Others use LDAP directories or Windows Domains. For most, this information is scattered across multiple locations and multiple services. Oracle Virtual Directory provides Internet and industry-standard LDAP and XML views of existing enterprise identity information, without synchronizing or moving data from its native locations. This accelerates the deployment of applications and reduces costs by eliminating the need to constantly adapt those applications to a changing identity landscape as user populations are added, changed, or removed.

Oracle Virtual Directory 11g improves the industry’s most flexible identity service by providing enterprise-grade monitoring and deployment accelerators.

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

(formerly SUN Directory Server Enterprise Edition) is the best known directory server with proven large deployments in carrier and enterprise environments. It is also the most supported directory by ISVs, so it is ideal for heterogeneous environments. ODSEE provides a core directory service with embedded database, directory proxy, Active Directory (AD) synchronization and a Web administration console.