Cloud IDM Solution

Enterprises continue to face complex identity management challenges especially to address the increasing compliance regulations across industries and the associated costs. Delivery Centric has developed a hosted pre-configured Identity and Access Management solution to address the most common requirements across the enterprises using the Oracle Identity and Access Management 11gR2 Product Suite and providing Security as a Service.

Delivery Centric Cloud hosted IDM Solution is pre-configured with all the IDM use cases and are ready to be implemented based on the client needs. Consider the offering of Delivery Centric Hosted IDM Solution of Security-as-a service approach if you are looking for most Effective, Economical and Efficient solution for your IDM needs. Advantages of the Hosted IDM Environment which provided Security as a service versus On -Premise Solution are:

  • Accelerated Phases by providing all environments from Development to Production and reduce the overall implementation cost and time than the traditional approach.
  • Leveraged pre-configured as-a service infrastructure with Oracle IDM Suite.
  • Eliminated hardware, software acquisition, installation & architecture planning
  • Pre-defined Workflows/Knowledge base speed up planning and requirements.
  • SMEs readily available.
  • 24*7 system monitoring and dedicated team of experts for offloading costly and complicated support tasks, no internal management require

Managed Services

Executives are always looking for ways to streamline business processes and information systems to improve innovation and cost. Having a great application strategy and seamless integration is our approach toward providing companies with a competitive advantage by reducing implementation cycles and cost; thereby improving quality and controls.

Delivery Centric, with over 10+ years of IAM and Application Connector experience, will help leverage existing investments in systems and help integrate existing applications with new technologies and with your IAM infrastructure. Our framework provides a seamless and standard approach for incorporating applications to help with automated provisioning, reconciliation, and access & governance attestation for integration within your IAM initiative.

Our Application Managed Services will allow the integration of any custom, in-house applications or critical third-party applications within a new or existing Identity & Access Management and Governance deployment.

Our Robust Framework will help provide quality management, enterprise-wide compliance, improved development lifecycles and provide clearer oversight. This will deliver higher levels of threat reduction and more resistance to security breaches across your entire enterprise. Our framework never ties the Application Connectors to any single IAM or Governance Solution Vendor but it provides a standard and proven approach so that the applications can be integrated into any of them for cross-business unit reusability.

Delivery Centric Application Support uses a transparent and highly secure approach so we can build a solid partnership with proven results with our customers for the long term. Our methodology provides a framework for successful integration, a quick-to-market philosophy so there are no wasted man-hours and an immediate win-win partnership.

We provide 3 different options but based on needs we can always tailor to find the right approach for your company.

1. Application Strategy, Implementation, Support & Training

Complete Managed Service – Build and Manage All Applications, Implement Integration using Delivery Centric Framework & Methodology, Support Integration Efforts utilizing the specific Vendor’s OOTB integration methods, Provide transparent deliverables for ongoing tracking and support needs for the IAM initiative (Design & Implementation Deliverables), Maintain & Manage Application requirement changes for IAM initiatives as new features are required, and provide 24/7 support for issues, bugs and enhancement requests. Training provided as part of the full lifecycle management of project.

2. Sustaining Application Integration, Support & Training

Framework Managed Service – Build Initial Applications scoped for Integration using Delivery Centric Framework & Methodology, Train client developers to allow them to implement any and all future application integrated connectors, Provide transparent deliverables for ongoing tracking and support needs for the IAM initiative (Design & Implementation Deliverables) and provide 8/5 support for issues, bugs and enhancements requests.

3. Critical Application Integration

Single Managed Service – Provide service for your most important, critical application that requires immediate integration and rollout with your IAM & Governance initiative.