Oracle Mobile Security

Oracle Mobile and Social Access Service

Oracle Mobile and Social Access Service is a fully integrated, server-based solution designed to secure mobile access to applications leveraging the enterprise’s existing back-end identity management infrastructure. Oracle’s Mobile and Social solution also provides client software development kits (SDKs) used by developers to weave security into native mobile applications for tight integration with identity management.

Oracle’s Mobile and Social solution secures mobile access to corporate resources by leveraging the services of Oracle Access Management in terms of single sign-on between browser-based and native mobile applications, strong and multi-factor authentication, device fingerprinting and device context based fine-grained authorization. In addition, the Mobile and Social solution also enables enterprises to securely leverage social identity for personalization and federated sign-on.


  • Securely extend identity services and policies to mobile devices through authentication, policy enforcement, and single sign-on between applications
  • Deliver a secure container for application security and control in order to separate, protect, and wipe corporate applications and data
  • Simplify the provisioning process of users, applications, identities, and devices from days to minutes
  • Reduce the complexity of auditing to meet your regulatory compliance goals


  • Provides a trusted and independent mobile workspace for enterprise applications, email, and data
  • Securely extends all identity services and policies of the enterprise user to their personal mobile device
  • Delivers centralized management for auditing and enforcement, reducing the cost of complex mobile environments

Key features include:

  • Authenticating and Authorizing Mobile Users
  • Mobile Single Sign-on
  • OAuth Mobile Flows
  • Device Fingerprinting and Registration
  • Device Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Device-context Based Fine-grained Authorization
  • Log On Using Social Identity from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo
  • REST-based directory interface for User Profile Services
  • Mobile and Social Client SDKs