Identity and Access Management Health Check

Is your identity and access management system as robust as it should be?

Is your identity and access management system falling short? Maybe it’s difficult to scale, or you may even be concerned it wasn’t implemented correctly? Delivery Centric can help – with a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) Health Check.
 This thorough evaluation of the current state of your identity and access management system will give you a clear picture of your system and whether it could be improved to better meet your needs. Best of all, we’ll provide concrete recommendations for getting there.

A complete, objective assessment.

Delivery Centric’s IAM Health Check is performed by our most senior identity architects in cooperation with your subject matter experts over the course of a few weeks. We can apply the review to any identity and access management system, but typically we cover the following products:

  • Identity Manager
  • Identity Analytics
  • Access Manger
  • Adaptive Access Manager
  • Open SSO
  • Directory Server Enterprise Edition
  • Privilege Access Management

We also examine other critical components such as the Identity Manager repository (database), application server containers, and your load balancing configuration.

A three-phase project:

  1. Initiation – The project begins by identifying applicable identity system components, reviewing customer-identified system issues, and defining goals, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Review – We then review your existing environment based on documentation, interviews with subject-matter experts, and examination of your system environment.
  3. Report– Our report will identify areas where the environment fails to address your requirements and will recommend a general course of action for addressing those gaps. The recommendations may include specific instructions for remediation and/or identification of areas that require further investigation.

Delivery Centric’s clear, concise recommendations will prescribe specific actions to help improve the performance of your identity management system.