Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services

Are you finding it challenging to adequately skill your key technology resources? Struggling with what skills and certifications are relevant? Spending too much on disparate ad-hoc training solutions that get you by but provide no meaningful strategic value?

Our mission is to build the capability, professionalism and innovative capacity of your workforce.

Our focus is how we can best support industry skill development needs through developing more innovative ways of using training products beyond the current confines.

We offer a variety of services to best meet the emerging corporate Teaching & Learning needs:

  • Expert advice on IT teaching and learning
  • Consulting on best practice and research
  • Emerging technology trials
  • Researching and developing best practices in teaching and learning
  • Innovative uses of technology in education
  • Working with business to enhance the Student experience and course effectiveness
  • Working with internal learning and development teams to provide units and courses that align with business strategic objectives
  • Customised workshops and seminars with individualised content
  • Individualised consultations and programs with flexible content and format
  • Special events such as symposiums, forums and conferences with guest speakers

Explore ways of moving from theory to practicality, and integrating the skills required for better adaption to rapidly changing markets.

Corporate knowledge and skill maintenance is critical for the contemporary workplace and is an area of rapid growth in international businesses. With an ever increasing eye to the effectiveness of these services, and a willingness to embrace an educated corporate IT department, the focus has shifted to encourage adoption of and access to innovative services which ensure people are of a high standard and capable of accreditation (if required) and most importantly there exists streamlined access for business departments.