Oracle Sales Cloud – Fixed Scope Implementation Offering

Oracle Sales Cloud (CRM) & Delivery Centric – the right Product and Partner to Empower you to Sell more Today!

Fixed Scope Offering leverage’s Oracle best practices and agile approach for fast track implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud – Go Live in less than 8 weeks. It drives sales productivity through higher win rates, forecast accuracy, and lead conversion.

To increase sales and optimize efficiency, modern sales require fast and easy tools, mobile productivity, insightful and collaborative selling, and aggressive pipeline creation. Sales representatives spend almost 78% of their time searching for information; 40% of sales managers are concerned about missing their sales quota and just 3% of companies say their forecasts are “always accurate.

Is your customer relationship management (CRM) system helping you to sell more? Or did the transformation to sales force automation get lost in translation?

The truth is most CRM software isn’t meeting the needs of today’s sales force – and sales reps, managers, and companies are suffering.

  • Sales reps spend 78% of their time searching for information and only 22% selling
  • 40% of sales managers are concerned about missing quota
  • Just 3% of companies say their forecasts are “always accurate”

In addition, salespeople and leaders have become increasingly more mobile, sales processes have become more social and there is more customer data available than ever before. Traditional CRM systems just simply don’t cut it anymore.

Oracle has designed its cloud-based CRM solution following more than 6 years of in-depth research and by conducting extensive interviews with more than 1,000 global customers to understand their needs. This has enabled Oracle to fully understand the needs of the sales force and sales leaders, providing technology that allows reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more.

The Fixed Scope Offering from Delivery Centric is designed to provide a Fast Track implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud at a competitive price which will maximize your ROI.

Fusion CRM Fixed Scope Implementation of:

  1. Customer Management with 360 Degree View
  2. Lead Management
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Activity Stream to comment and share specific records
  5. Territory Management
  6. Role specific Dashboards
  7. Sales Catalog to manage products and catalogues
  8. Analytics to make sense of your data
  9. Data import of existing Customer, Contacts, Opportunities and Leads
  10. Mobility via Smart Phone/Tablet
  11. End user training

Delivery Centric is Oracle® Platinum Partner member and specialized partner for Oracle Sales Cloud and other products. We offer a host of solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud, including consulting, sales planning, social sales, customer data enrichment, field sales automation, user adoption, training, CRM health check and independent testing services.

Please see the following attachments, and to make an enquiry for more information or to discuss this with one of our sales team

  • Oracle Sales Cloud Fixed Scope Offering Data Sheet
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Fixed Scope Implementation Offering presentation