Our First Time Right Approach

We’re justifiably proud of our approach to our customers’ CRM and IDM projects: it has underpinned many of our successes. We call this approach our “First Time Right” approach – a simple name that captures the ethos of our organisation and the attitude of the individuals within it. Here is a brief flavour of the approach, and how it can help your project.

Strategic Product Roadmap Advice

It starts right back at the project conception stage, where we feed in our knowledge of Oracle’s Roadmap for Oracle IDM and  Oracle CX Cloud solutions.

This roadmap knowledge enables you to take decisions about whether to deliver functionality within one technology versus another, whether to procure complementary software products from the Oracle stable, whether to await roadmap items that may fulfil exactly your needs, or whether configuration or customisation of your Oracle software is required in order to achieve your project objectives.

This step is where you’ll commit your project budget, so you want to know you’re getting the decision right. We help you to know you’re getting it right.

Assuring Business Requirements

As we move into Requirements Gathering (or translating Requirements into Functional Designs), we’re ensuring that your Business Requirements are complete, unambiguous, and importantly, make sense within the context of your business. We’ll also be working hard at this stage to ensure your requirements are consistent across the entire application, and do not conflict.

We’ll also be bringing in our knowledge of implementations in similar companies within your industry, to ensure you can learn from their mistakes and successes.

This is the stage at which your committing your business to being supported in a particular way, and getting it wrong can be costly. Articulating Business Requirements – especially where packaged software is involved – is challenging and most organisations need a level of support with this stage. We provide you with that support, ensuring that the ground is set for the implementation of a system that truly supports your business.

Delivering Future-Proof Designs

From the Requirements stage, we’ll be bringing our deep technical expertise to bear, designing your applications to ensure that you can take advantage of out-of-the-box functionality wherever possible, and ensuring that any proposed configuration or customisation is in line with best practices. This will ensure your system is going to perform, scale and be maintainable.

Designs at this stage provide the fundamental framework for the application, and consequently Usability is a key consideration. Poor decisions here can result in excessively-lengthy user processes, and user adoption challenges – the biggest single contributor to failure of CRM and BI projects.

We ensure these “non-functional” elements of the project are at the heart of everything we do, vastly increasing the likelihood of your project success.

Building for the Future

Moving into build, we’ll again leverage our deep technical expertise to ensure that build is done in line with best practices, choosing the right option for configuration where many exist. We’ll again be keeping Usability at the forefront of our minds – poor build decisions can again have significant impacts upon usability and hence adoption.

We’ll then thoroughly Unit Test our work, leveraging traditional software engineering techniques such as Boundary Testing, to ensure the fewest issues possible get through into System Testing, or indeed into Production. We recognise that, on many software projects, the cost of rework can be up to 40% of the overall project cost – and we like our clients to avoid that 40%.


Our approach ensures that, from project initiation through to final delivery, your successful project outcome is being assured by our actions.