Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

As functional experts we help you improve your process and make it effective. Our consultants bring in decades of rich functional expertise gained from working for different organizations across industries, size and complexities.

Our consulting assignments help understand your current processes, the targets you set and the gaps in the process. Accordingly we suggest changes, assist implement and audit them.

Comprehensive end-to-end managed solutions include:

  • Manpower Planning and Budgeting.
  • Sourcing Strategy and Execution.
  • Candidate Management.
  • Offers and Document Management.
  • On Boarding
  • Delivery Centric’s RPO Methodology.

At Delivery Centric the RPO team follows a 6 pronged scientific methodology to deliver long lasting results.

We provide our clients with an efficient and effective flow of candidates to help them engage the right talent. We screen, schedule, assess, interview, coordinate and handle select candidates.

  • Analysis, Strategy & Planning

    • Determine workforce planning strategy
    • Assess employment brand
    • Identify gaps and inefficiencies
    • Existing Process Assessment and Optimisation
  • Preparation

    • Develop recruitment programs
    • Establish project team
    • Set project timelines and objectives
    • Establish service level agreements
    • Establish key performance indicators
  • Deployment

    • Initiate change management and communication
    • Project launch
  • Execution

    • Manage full lifecycle recruitment
    • Manage sourcing and recruitment programs
    • Project management with continuous improvement
    • Compliance
  • Performance Management

    • Conduct program reviews
    • Identify optimization opportunities
    • Conduct surveys and communicate results

Delivery Centric’s Unique Advantage: After years of experience in providing RPO services, we have honed our skills and made our processes, teams and methodologies unique and different that we are confident of delivering only the best.

  • Delivery Centric’s unmatched approach

    • Social Media Profiling of the applicants
    • Maintaining a list of leads who haven’t applied
    • Maintaining a list of, and active dialogue with existing potential candidates
    • Hiring of passive talent only
  • Our service infrastructure

    • Round the clock taskforce
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure
    • Experienced industry experts
    • Resilient global network
    • Extensive industry knowledge