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Cloud Ops Automation


Cloud Ops Automation

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Cloud Ops automation is the practice or discipline of using specialized software tools and methodologies to automate some or all of the manual tasks associated with managing and operating cloud-based IT infrastructure. IT organizations and software development teams can leverage cloud automation in public, private and hybrid cloud environments to reduce administrative overhead and achieve workflow targets like continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Cloud automation software tools can be configured to automatically control the installation, configuration, and management of cloud computing systems, enabling businesses to make the best use of their cloud-based resources. As organizations continue to rely on the cloud for critical applications and services, the role of cloud automation as a time-saver and enabler of effective cloud management practices will become more apparent in IT organizations.


When sensitive tasks are automated, you do not need multiple IT people or developers logging into mission critical systems. In addition, you can build security best practices into automated workflows, and enforce security principles in 100% of your deployments.

Organizations need to back up their system frequently, to guard against accidental erasure, equipment failure or cyber-attack. Automating backups on the cloud, or backing up on-premise systems automatically to the cloud, dramatically improves an organization’s resilience to disaster.

When systems are set up manually or on an ad-hoc basis, administrators may have low visibility over what is actually running and may not have a centralized way to control the infrastructure. Cloud ops automation lets you set up resources in a standardized, controlled manner, which also means you have much more control over infrastructure running across your organization.

As organizations introduce cloud automation into their IT infrastructure, they reduce the amount of hands-on effort needed to manage their cloud-based operations.

Continuous deployment is all about automating the application deployment pipeline to increase the frequency of application updates. Software development teams striving for Continuous Deployment or working in the DevOps paradigm can benefit significantly from cloud automation tools that enable them to automate deployments to a cloud-based IT environment.

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solid cloud migration strategy

We help to develop a solid cloud migration strategy that addresses all the complexities of cloudOps by using the suite of ops management tools.


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visualize your entire network structure

We recommend visualizing your entire network structure to gain a holistic view of how all your systems work together.

Help you analyze

CloudOps is a proactive operation: we provide analytical reports to predict and correct issues before they impact users and we help to automate these activities by collecting and analyzing data over time to identify patterns.

Multi-Cloud Adoption and Operations

We support our customers to adopt multi-cloud strategies for their cloud needs. Multi-Cloud powers customers to be flexible and select the right hyper-scale to leverage maximum benefits.

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