Vulnerability Scan

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Vulnerability Scan

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Vulnerability Scan

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Vulnerability management is the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating weaknesses in an IT environment. It also includes discovery, reporting, prioritization and response to vulnerabilities in your network.

With countless examples of threat actors able to exploit weaknesses, having a vulnerability management program is no longer optional for organizations. In fact, it is now required by multiple compliance, audit, and risk management frameworks. Continuous vulnerability management is at the Center for Internet Security’s list of basic security controls, citing that organizations need to ‘continuously acquire, assess, and take action on new information in order to identify vulnerabilities, and to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.’

You can’t stop what you can’t see. Organizations must know what is on their network in order to monitor and protect it, which is why a vulnerability management program should be a foundation of your threat detection and security infrastructure. A good vulnerability management program can help you proactively understand the risks to every asset in order to keep it safe.

BENEFITS Of Vulnerability Management

Not all vulnerabilities carry the same risks. With a vulnerability management program, your organization can more intelligently prioritize remediation, apply security patches, and allocate security resources more effectively.

Vulnerability management programs not only help your organization maintain compliance across industry regulations, but they provide detailed reports that avoid significant fines for non-compliance, allowing you to provide ongoing due diligence during any audit.

Starting with the obvious, running occasional scans only gives you a point-in-time snapshot of your vulnerability status. This makes it difficult to monitor the progress of vulnerability resolution and means that at any given point in time, you likely have an outdated picture of your web security posture. Long-term vulnerability management gives you an up-to-date picture of your security status and makes it much easier to identify priority areas, such as developer education to prevent specific types of vulnerabilities.

Any organized web application security program relies on centralized monitoring and reporting to provide operational and executive visibility. With a full web application security solution you get clear, actionable dashboards and trend charts to show both the current vulnerability status and the progress your teams are making. Security personnel right up to CISO level can generate upto date reports to illustrate results and make a compelling case for new security initiatives

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