Digital Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Digital Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Digital Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Through Delivery Centric’s Digital Identity, organisations can allow their customers to prove who they are when interacting or transacting.

More and more, the services that we rely on are provided in a completely digital form, making the multiple digital identities which we use to access them extremely important to protect like our physical ones. We’re swapping office spaces for virtual collaboration tools; bricks and mortar shopping in online retail; and, of course, adopting social media to augment our offline recreational activities. Being able to prove identity quickly and conveniently is essential to use a service and to protect your users.  To deliver a service securely, it’s imperative for a customer to know that they are delivering it to the right person. When individuals are unsure that their identities are protected, they are reluctant to engage with new products.

Delivery Centric has been able to serve to banks, educational institutions, retailers, and corporate IT departments. We have been using the best technology to create trusted digital identities of citizens, customers and employees that result in strong encrypted and certified platforms.


Transitioning from traditional, manual methods of verifying identity offers several immediate benefits and creates opportunities for the industry. In addition to improved turnaround times of validation checks by leveraging greater automation, levels of accuracy can be enhanced, and compliance greatly improved. The use of reliable digital identity verification systems can possibly reduce the risk of human error in identifying and verifying the identity of an individual.

Being able to keep your customers active by giving them a fast way to prove their identity without needing to be in-person. Studies show that 2 out of 3 people do not sign up or verify themselves due to the long sign-up process and poorly designed UI. Delivery Centric can guide you and your company through this all done in a very inexpensive way to give your customers an experience that they deserve.

Meet the only identity cloud that delivers great experiences and security for all identities. Use a no-code, drag-and-drop interface to design your perfect user journey. Make it easy with low friction registration, self-service, and password less authentication. Make it secure with Zero Trust-driven continuous risk assessment, fraud mitigation, and transaction-level protection.

If your enterprise is like most, you live in a hybrid world with on-premises, cloud, mobile, and web assets. ForgeRock Identity Cloud helps you manage all IAM needs across your hybrid reality. Not ready for everything cloud? No problem. Complement your ForgeRock Identity Cloud service with our self-managed software using the most flexible deployment options on the market

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Our Resources have significant relevant experience including, Large Vendor Technology Consultant experience, IT Management Consulting experience & International experiences.


Delivering large-scale IT projects on time, on budget, and on value


Our Security processes are endorsed by leading IT security vendors and governing bodies.

Deep Technical Expertise

Ahead of the curve, using cutting edge technology. Delivered 25+ Identity & Access Management implementations in APAC.

certified professional

Well qualified professionals with significant industry experience. Our consultants are certified across specific products based on their respective engagements.

global workforce

Significant Australian Market Presence, Additional Offices and operations in New Zealand, India, Singapore


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