Professional Services

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Quickly Establish a Delivery Roadmap with Clear Milestones

Leverage our significant experience to help you establish your Delivery Roadmap; for new capabilities or technologies. Our practical approach is simply based on having done this for many other customers

Protect your projects Return On Investment (ROI)

Let our highly capable consultants help you safeguard cost limits and establish benefits for projects which involve complex technologies

Boost your Technological Capacity to Deliver

We can help you with the resourcing gap you are facing into. Our resources are specialist in their domains and are ready to help you with your backlog. They bring proven best practices and can be applied to problems via distributed teams, if required

If you need a specialist consultant or a squad of Technology resources?
We can help you

Our highly skilled consultants can deliver the solutions to your unique technology and business challenges.

Achieve Delivery Excellence

Apply our Health Check and Performance Tuning to ensure your delivery success.

Eliminate Development Roadblocks

Leverage our deeply experienced, knowledgeable and certified consultants. They apply proactive behaviours to avoid these challenges, or the capabilities to overcome them

Deliver Value at Pace

Engage our resources or teams into your environment. We bring - proven Agile & Technology practices, Distributed Teams to deliver Value at Scale, and at Pace!

Agile Delivery
We support whatever Agile methodology Eg: Scrum or Kanban etc. that you are operating with

Expert Review
Project reviews with your team, along with detailed code and   documentation reviews

Application Implementation
From basic configuration through to highly available, highly scalable solutions

Custom Development
Customization of workflows and rules, as well as customization of reports to extend reporting beyond out-of-the-box capabilities

From Building Experience layer integrations to Process Layer integrations through  to System layer integrations

Release Management
Release planning and execution based on extensive experience in aligning technology deployments with business value

Squads for project delivery or operations. Squads are cross-functional, autonomous teams (typically 6-12 individuals) that focus on one feature area. Each Squad has a unique mission that guides the work they do

Expert Services
Design & code reviews and technical lead custom development

Specialist Resourcing
Strategic or tacticle engagements for niche delivery challenges

End to End Accountability
Delivery Centric owns delivering a new business capability, supported by technology

Delivery Methodology
Encompassing Stakeholder Management, Financial Management, Issue Management, Risk Management and Agile delivery practices

Technology Change
Continous Delivery Pipeline management and releases

Change Management
Including all associated business changes and technology changes

Business Benefits Realisation
Ensuring the outcomes business benefits are both defined and measured for success

Our base level managed service includes incident, problem, environment management, platform upgrades, patching and capacity planning

This service includes all of base level services as well as Audit preparedness, platform optimization, continuous improvement and project support

Our offering for custom solutions is a selection of a bundle of any of our managed services


Partnering to bring the best together.


If you have any questions about our services or solutions, then please get in touch with our expert team to see how we can work with you.