Occupational Health and Safety

OH&S Policy

This information is important for both employers and our candidates. This policy has been written to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations and comply with the RSCA Code of Practice and the relevant legal requirements in Victoria.


Delivery Centric is committed to ensuring that temporary employees or contractors working in a workplace of a host employer are aware of their rights and obligations regarding their health and safety in the workplace.

Both Delivery Centric and the management of the workplace where on-going staff are engaged have obligations and rights towards ensuring their safety and well being in the workplace. The following information outlines the details of these rights and obligations for all parties.

Staff or managers that have any questions regarding these rights and obligations are encouraged to contact our OH&S coordinator, details as below.

All staff have the right to be provided with a safe and healthy workplace and safe systems of work in accordance with relevant industry standards. They also have the right to equitable, practical and consistent enforcement of OH&S policies in the workplace, and also have the right to be protected from harm in the workplace by the preventative actions of their employer.

Host employer(s) obligations

Host employer(s) are responsible for:

  • providing you with safe systems of work and proper maintenance of work systems;
  • providing information, instruction, training and supervision so that you can carry out your duties without risk to your health and/or safety.

Host employers also have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of the workplace and all the staff working there. As staff have been placed with a host employer to do the work specified in the agreed job description, any change to their duties, should the employee agree to those changes, must be communicated in writing to Delivery Centric to receive our agreement. This is because there may be OH&S implications arising from these changes.

Temp or contractor staff obligations

There are certain obligations that these staff have:

  • Ensuring own safety and that of your co-employees in the workplace;
  • Adhere to the host employer OHS and safety procedures and policies;
  • Attend and participate in any training sessions provided by the employer;
  • Report any workplace injuries, incidents, hazards or other health and safety concerns to both Delivery Centric and the employer; and
  • Participate in rehabilitation and return to work programs after a work related injury or illness.

They should note that they can be held individually responsible for an act if they are found to obstruct or fail to support colleagues, managers or directors in achieving solutions to health and safety problems.

Temporary and contract staff working in a host employer’s premises are also expected to comply with that employers OHS guidelines and policies. They are required to report any OHS incidents or issues of concern immediately to Delivery Centric.

If staff identify any hazards or unsafe practices at work, they should tell their supervisor, health and safety representative or health and safety committee member straight away. If the host employer does not fix the problem, the staff member should immediately advise Delivery Centric.

If staff are injured at work, Delivery Centric and the host employer each have a reporting system for work related injuries or illnesses. For a copy of Delivery Centric’s forms please contact the OH&S Coordinator. Staff should be aware of these procedures and how to must report any injuries or illnesses they suffer at work, including any workers compensations claims and medical certificates.

Delivery Centric’s obligations

In addition to providing this information to staff and answering any questions regarding OHS issues, Delivery Centric will obtain a copy of the host employer’s OH&S Policy, reporting procedures (including hazard identification & work related injuries/illness) and arrange for OH&S induction & briefing for temporary and contract staff prior to commencement of work with a host employer. Delivery Centric will also provide a copy of this OHS policy document to the host employer.

For further information please contact our OH&S Coordinator on 0433208394