Enterprise Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Enterprise Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Enterprise Identity

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Enterprise Identity provides complete user lifecycle management and rich access entitlement controls across a wide range of services for both on-premises and cloud. Also supporting microservices to discover common access patterns, optimize role-based access control, and automation throughout. Enterprise Identity manages user provisioning and deprovisioning and provides actionable identity intelligence that enables rapid remediation of high-risk user entitlements.


Manage identities across cloud and on-premises. Reduce cost and complexity with an easy-to-use access catalogue that suggests access and provisioning requests based on role and entitlements. Utilizing self-service features, users can initiate an application onboarding for on-premises and cloud applications using Rest APIs and an extensive set of connectors.

Efficient and flexible workflows for access requests. Utilizing the self-service portal for authoring access policies across the enterprise, users and operators benefit from a highly flexible and customizable workflow to rapidly onboard and offboard users and applications. Oracle Identity Governance allows flexible harvesting of existing identities and their associated entitlements and roles for faster onboarding.

Optimize Role-Based Access Control with intelligent role mining. Intelligent role mining helps identify common access patterns across peer groups based on organizational structure, user attributes, and business activities. Oracle Identity Role Intelligence automates the process of role publishing to Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) and continuously optimizes role based access control with Oracle’s advanced data mining module and the latest AI and ML technologies.

Meet compliance objectives with granular management of entitlements. Accelerate compliance processes with customizable certification campaigns based on user, role, application, or entitlement. Conduct audit driven assessments that focus on high-risk entitlements or regulatory compliance objectives (for example, SOX and GDPR). Continuously scan the business to identify and remediate policies that violate the segregation of duties.

Identity governance for on-premises or the cloud. Easily scale up and down using Open Application Model (OAM) with Docker or Kubernetes images to rapidly deploy instances of Oracle Identity Governance on-premises and in the cloud. Supported by high availability, failover and extensive global data center support, organizations can focus on their broader organizational needs with full confidence in the resiliency of their identity governance solution.

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