Authentication & Access Management

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Authentication & Access Management

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Authentication & Access Management

Facing up to the next
generation of cyber attacks

Enterprises need to provide a consistent way for customers, employees and partners sign on to their on-premises, cloud and SaaS resources. This includes accounting for multiple standards, custom app requirements and other complex authentication use cases, while balancing user convenience, risk and levels of assurance. Learn how a versatile authentication authority for all identity types, user populations, apps and environments helps you authenticate everyone and everything.

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The University of Melbourne upgrades Oracle Identity Access Management for greater compatibility and security.

BENEFITS Of Authentication & Access Management

Identity governance and administration automates labor-intensive processes such as access certifications, access requests, password management and provisioning, which dramatically cut operational costs.

Compromised identities caused by weak, stolen or default user credentials are a growing threat to organizations. Centralized visibility creates a single authoritative view of “who has access to what,” allowing authorized users to promptly detect inappropriate access, policy violations or weak controls that put organizations at risk.

Identity governance and administrations allow organizations to verify that the right controls are in place to meet the security and privacy requirements of regulations like SOX, HIPAA and GDPR.

By giving your users timely access to the resources they need to do their jobs, identity governance and administrations enable them to become productive more quickly – and to stay productive, no matter how much or how quickly their roles and responsibilities change.

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